Rajendra Shende Elephants as Ecosystem Engineers.

    Elephants, because of their size, appetite, and migratory habits, disperse more seeds of more species further than any other animal. They have been described as ecosystem engineers and mega- Gardeners of the Forest. We from South Asia should be proud that we also produce mega size engineers!.

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    Rajendra Shende Nobel NaMo

    What you see and read when you surf and scroll this screen is totally apolitical. It is about a person that himself is an institution.

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    Rajendra Shende The best teacher we ever got.

    A teacher who has always been with us, about whom we hardly cared.

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    Rajendra Shende A truce with difference India and China
    -Eternal neighbors with Ephemeral trust.
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    Rajendra Shende There is no Plan-et B.

    As of now The Earth is The Only home that we have.

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