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Smart Campus Cloud Network

Smart Campus Cloud Network is a global network of the education campuses of schools, colleges, institutes and universities committed to make a tangible contribution to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

My Work At United Nations

Served as Review Editor for the IPCC Special report on Technology Transfer in 2000 and was a Coordinating Lead Author for the IPCC/TEAP special report on Safeguarding the Ozone layer and Global Climate System in 2005 which won Nobel Peace Prize in 2007

Initiatives at TERRE Policy Centre

Technology, Education, Research and Rehabilitation for the Environment – TERRE in French means the Earth. The Earth is our only home in this vast universe. That itself is a strong enough reason that we should take care of it.

Climate Change

The change that we brought in under the name of DEVELOPMENT.


The one which we always taken for granted to push all our LIMITS.


A tool that can help us to bridge the gaps and create better FUTURE.

Sustainable Development Goals

Goals which are need to be set and achieved by all of US.


The most natural and easy thing in the world which Humans made DIFFICULT.


Kind, Supporting, Loving, Caring, Forgiving – MOTHER of all Living and Dead.


Some of the speeches, interviews, quotes and messages.


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Qiandao Lake Forum Speech and Interview

China’s President Xi is passionately attached to the theme of ‘ Ecological civilization’. While many consider that it is a synonym of the green economy or sustainable development, I am convinced that it is meant to be more ingrained in the lifestyle, philosophy, and culture. The concept of  ‘Ecological Civilization’ is, in reality, is a …

Presentation on Global Warming to the students of Peking University Experimental School

The Peking University Experimental School in Jiaxing, in Zhejiang Province not far from Hangzhou, is a well-known school that prepares students for international education in USA or Europe later in his/her life. Building skills of the students in the English language is the key priority. After my presentation on Global warming, I asked a student …

Indo-Sino-People to People Contact. Joint Expedition for Ecosystem Conservation

India-China relations have a historic basis and ancient foundation. They are built on the people-to-people contacts. This bottom-up approach has been the driver of the informal dialogues between President Xi and PM Modi. Both of them have stressed the need for people-to-people contact to get most from the opportunities that exist in the 21st century. …

The Roots of Art – or Art of The Roots?

The mummies of humans died thousands of years back are excavated in Egypt, from the chambers in the pyramids for the research into the past. They also are displayed in the museums for the tourists. Many of these mummies are of the warriors, kings, and queens who lived a lavish life and fought for their …

Interaction with selective students from China, A country poised to be the world’s largest economy

Which country has the youngest citizens, China or India? As per the statistics of the United Nations Population Fund, India’s population is younger with its median age of the is 26.7,  than China of 37.0. Between 10-29 years of age, India’s population is 490  million and that of China is 388 million. But surprisingly, both …

Yoga in China-Diving for Search and Re-search

Every solution to the environmental challenges of our times needs meditation. There is no perfect solution. In the contaminated world where the man-made chemicals are omnipresent, organic farming sounds quixotic idea. When emissions are counted in the manufacture of solar panels, storages, and operation of digital controls, solar energy use by humans no longer can …

Mega Example of Mini-site: Looming challenges

UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites now boasts a total of 1121 sites from 167 countries, including 213 WNH sites. These also include the inscription of 29 new sites approved by the World Heritage Committee of UNESCO at Baku, Azerbaijan in July 2019.  Out of the 29 new sites inscribed, only 4 were under the …

Climate Battle will have to be fought in the front lines of the built environment

By Rajendra Shende, Chairman TERRE Policy Centre, former Director UNEP Dr. Yusef Al Horr, Founder Chairman of the Gulf Organization for Research and Development (GORD) in Qatar, stated in my recent meeting with him that ‘the front line of the battle-field to prevent the invasion of climate change is built-environment’. How true!  The built environment of …


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WED 2019

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BAMU Life Time Achievement Award

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Turkey Conference

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Katowice 2018

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TCS Drive 2018

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Meeting with China NGO

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Kaas Pathar Meet 2018

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