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About The Author


That year the world witnessed a momentous gathering of the Head of the States of most of the countries around the globe at Rio de Janiro, in Brazil. For the first time so many heads of the state came together under the banner of United Nations to prepare the Blue Print for new Millennium that was still 8 years away.

That was also the year when I joined United Nations Environment Programme leaving corporate business career behind me. I was chemical engineer by qualification and had risen to corporate management level. It was quantum shift and continental rift. I moved from national corporate business management to global environmental management and from Indian sub-continent to Western Europe-France.

Long range planning that I was used to employ in corporate business is evident now in the international agency like United Nations. Agenda 21 was in fact a document that included the strategic long range planning for the management of a global company called ‘Earth Limited’.

Global cold war was ending and battle against global warming was beginning. I realized that there are many a holes in the global equity logic in managing the natural resources. Having seen the Board room wars in the private sector , I had stark realization of much wider and deeper conflicts among business and between the nations

National borders still remain the major cause of conflicts. But what crosses national borders like rivers, trade in environmental sensitive commodities, air pollution, black carbon, Ozone Layer depletion, climate change are equally important causes for the clashes at the board rooms of ‘Earth Limited’. Deforestation and desertification were not only threatening the survival of the human race, but they were stripping the ‘Earth Ltd’ of its values, cultures and the very soul.
My journey was from the stark rural area in India to the bursting cities of India, from very peculiar local Marathi language to Imperial English to stylish French, from the business and industry to United Nations, from the causes of the problems to the tenets of the solutions, from making of chemicals to phase out of those lingering and persistent man made pollutants.

Rajendra Shende

Chairman TERRE Policy Centre | Senior Expert UNEP TEAP | Advisor IIM Rohtak Bizdome | Advisor MediaIndia Group | Former Director UNEP

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